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Accelerated Acquisition of Diffusion MRI

Technology #20-0058

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Pew-Thian Yap
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Matthew Howe
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At present, diffusion MRI (dMRI) techniques typically requires a lengthy acquisition time in various directions and scales. This is especially problematic in certain applications or measurements where the subject must remain relatively motionless in a scanner, such as in pediatric patients or patients that cannot remain still (e.g. patient with Parkinson’s disease). Therefore, any reduction acquisition time that can be achieved will not only improve the accuracy or clarity of images obtained, but will also reduce the levels of discomfort or distress experienced by patients. A sampling and reconstruction scheme, termed Slice-Interleaved Diffusion Encoding (SIDE),has been developed that accelerates dMIR acquisition by 50 fold, when combined with multi-band imaging. In contrast to the conventional style of acquiring a full diffusion-weighted volume for each diffusion wavevector, the SIDE method acquires a volume of interleaved slice groups for each repetition time, with each corresponding to a different diffusion wavevector.  This results in a subsample of slices for each diffusion wavevector, which can be used to recover the full volume for all wavevectors, and produce an image. SIDE can be used for imaging in adults, but would provide additional benefits in pediatric patients, as they must be asleep during an MRI and the method would allow the MRI to be obtained in 1 minute rather than 13 minutes. In addition to dMRI, the method can be used in for both functional and structural MRI as well.