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High Definition Cyclic Voltammetry Software

Technology #20-0028

To accommodate recent and future advances in fast-scan cyclic voltammetry applications, researchers at UNC have developed High Definition Cyclic Voltammetry (HDCV). HDCV is an electrochemical software suite that includes data acquisition and analysis programs. The data collection program delivers greater experimental flexibility and better user feedback through live displays. It supports experiments involving multiple electrodes with customized waveforms. It is compatible with transistor–transistor logic-based systems that are used for monitoring animal behavior, and it enables simultaneous recording of electrochemical and electrophysiological data. HDCV analysis streamlines data processing with superior filtering options, seamlessly manages behavioral events, and integrates chemometric processing. Furthermore, analysis is capable of handling single files collected over extended periods of time, allowing the user to consider biological events on both sub-second and multi-minute time scales.

The executable file is available under a click license by following the appropriate link to the right.  Alternatively, an invoice can be generated and payment can be made by wire or check. This program requires a physical hardware key for operation.  Once your request and payment is verified, a physical hardware key will mailed to you at the shipping address provided.  For inquiries about HDCV source code, please contact the technology manager via the link to the right. 

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