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Subunit Vaccine Against Dengue Virus

Technology #20-0009

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Brian Kuhlman
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Kyle Bartholomew
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Current approaches to Dengue Virus (DENV) vaccine design all make use of live attenuated viruses. This appraoch suffers from difficulties in desinging a vaccine formulation that can eleicit a balanced immune response against all four serotypes of DENV. Subunit vaccines, composed only of the immungenic E protein found on the surface of the DENV viral capsid, present an alternative appraoch to live attenuated vaccines; however, this appraoch has not been widley tested because it is difficult to express the DENV E protein in dimer form. Our invetigators have developed mutant Dengue E proteins that are stable as dimers in solution, and that can be used in a subunit DENV vaccine that targets all four DENV serotypes.

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