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Synthetic adhesins for enhanced probiotic efficacy

Technology #20-0006

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Aaron Anselmo
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Champ Gupton
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Synthetic adhesin in probiotic delivery is a modular platform for the conjugation of targeting ligands to the surface of live therapeutic bacteria, allowing for more specific and enhanced attachment to live mammalian cells.
It is known that the efficacy of therapeutic bacteria is dependent on the ability of the bacteria to interact with and adhere to specific host niches. However, current delivery strategies for therapeutic bacteria are lacking in the ability to engineer and enhance the interaction of therapeutic bacteria with the host environment.
University researchers have developed a new strategy to enhance the interaction between therapeutic bacteria and host cells by engineering the bacteria surface with targeting ligands that can specifically interact with target host cells. It has been shown that this system can rapidly modify multiple bacterial strains without effecting bacterial viability or growth.
·      Targeted therapeutic bacteria delivery, providing enhanced bacteria colonization capability and consequential therapeutic effect
Ubiquitous primary amines used for bacteria surface engineering, making it a modular approach that can be used with any bacteria