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A next generation FOLFOX for colorectal cancer and liver metastasis

Technology #20-0002

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Leaf Huang
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Champ Gupton
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FOLFOX is a combination of chemotherapy drugs, consisting of folinic acid (FnA), f-fluorouracil (5-Fu) and oxaplatin (OxP). The new generation of FOLFOX is comprised of targeted nano-formulation of Folox (FnA and OxP) and free 5-Fu, allowing for enhanced drug pharmacokinetics and therapeutic effect for the treatment of colorectal cancer and metastasis.
FOLFOX has been used to treat colorectal cancer for decades. However, due to the dose-limiting drug side effect, high expense, and long course of treatment, the clinical application of FOLFOX is still limited.  
University researchers have developed a new version of FOLFOX that delivers FnA and OxP in a tumor targeted nano-formulation (Nano-Folox) together with free 5-Fu. This nano-Folox significantly improved drug circulation in the blood, as well as drug accumulation in an orthotropic colorectal cancer model, which consequently led to stronger chemo-immunotherapeutic response without any toxicity in the combination with 5-Fu.
·      Specific cell targeting, avoiding off-target side effect
·      Drug delivered with nano-formulation, allowing for improved drug PK profile