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Advanced Colonoscopy Imaging Technology

Technology #19-0148

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Stephen Pizer
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Peter Liao
Commercialization Manager 919.843.5028
Patent Protection
US Patent 10,682,108

Colonoscopy reduces the rate of colorectal cancers following colonoscopy (interval cancers) by 50-60%. However, colonoscopy fails to find at least 20% of polyps, especially “flat” polyps. Polyps are missed because not all of the colon surface is effectively surveyed by current visualization systems or the polyps were seen but not effectively recognized by the current imaging technology. This new imaging and computational technology solution developed at UNC addresses these issues. Colon chunks with large unviewed segments will be detected at video rates fast enough so that the endoscopist can be directed back to view the missing segment(s). Also, flat polyps (the most difficult to recognize) will automatically be detected at fast video rates in real time. Real time colon section reconstruction has been achieved in multiple studies where clinically significant sections of the colon had been missed using traditional technology.