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Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells via Blade Coating

Technology #19-0147

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Jinsong Huang
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Chance Rainwater
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Existing monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells rely on silicon with a polished front-side surface to accommodate solution-processed deposition of the perovskite top cell.  This flat front surface of the silicon bottom cell, however, limits the amount of light absorbed by the tandem device and increases manufacturing costs due to the required polishing steps.  Previous efforts to coat perovskite onto industry-standard textured silicon surfaces required costly, non-scalable vacuum deposition processes. 

The current invention is a new tandem solar cell architecture enabled by the scalable, solution-based blade coating of perovskite onto textured silicon.  The textured silicon in this case is engineered to have features rough enough to reduce reflection loss, yet smooth enough to be planarized by the blade-coated perovskite film.  The result is a perovskite/silicon tandem cell that combines the efficiencies of textured silicon with the reduced cost of solution-processed perovskite layer, while also being amenable to existing manufacturing processes for traditional silicon PV devices.

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