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A red blood cell-mediated light-responsive platform for thrombolytics delivery

Technology #19-0138

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The red blood cell-mediated light-responsive platform is a novel drug delivery system that uses red blood cells to deliver thrombolytics with controlled release triggered by a specific wavelength of light.   Thrombolytics, such as tPA and urokinase, have been used for the pharmacological removal of a thrombus for three decades. However, significant challenges have prevented the anticipated benefits of these thrombolytics from being fully realized. In particular, short circulatory lifetime and low activity of these thrombolytic agents requires the use of high doses, which causes hemorrhagic consequences.  

University researchers have developed a red blood cell (RBC)-mediated drug delivery platform with light triggered drug release. The therapeutic proteins that loaded in RBCs will only be released when the cells are exposed to a specific wavelength of light, which enables exquisite temporal and spatial drug release control.

  • Controlled drug release
  • Prolonging therapeutic action at the disease site
  • Reducing off-target side effect
  • Reducing dosage