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Production of Stable Perovskite Films for Photovoltaic Solar Cells using Bilateral Alkylamine Additives

Technology #19-0079

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Jinsong Huang
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Chance Rainwater
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Patent Protection
PCT Patent Application US2020/013563

A simple method for formulating perovskite inks that leads to scalable perovskite solar cells (PSCs) with unprecedented stability and efficiency has been developed by UNC-CH researchers. The use of bilateral alkylamine additives (BAAs) retained 90% of the initial PSC power conversion efficiency for > 20 days under operational light conditions and > 40 days shelf lifetime. The BAA additive not only yields a record PCE (21.7%) for this competitive class of hybrid perovskite solar cells, but is also compatible with a scalable one-step blade-coating technique. This new method was found to universally increase the device performance for all perovskite compositions tested, including the cost-effective lead-based PSC. Due to the simplistic and universal nature of using BAAs to improve stability, this method is amenable for commercial production of PSCs.

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