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Multiple antigen-targeting T-cell immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Technology #19-0073

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Rihe Liu
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Champ Gupton
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PCT Patent Application PCT/US2020/013039

The multiple antigen-targeting T-cell immunotherapy is a new T-cell therapy mediated by the expression of a novel antibody mimics that is able to simultaneously recognize two epitopes of the same antigens or two distinct antigens on the tumor cells, allowing for significant improvement on tumor cell capture and killing.
Despite the remarkable clinical activity of adoptive therapy with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) redirected T cells in lymphoblastic leukemia, treatment failure occurs due to the emergence of leukemic clones that have lost the targeted epitope.
University researchers have developed a new T-cell mediated immunotherapy that is capable of achieving multiple tumor antigen recognition with single receptor-antibody mimic receptor (amR). As a proof of principle, they have shown that both EGFR and HER2 can be effectively targeted by dual-specific amRs neither with impairing targeting of each single antigen nor with detrimental effects of engineered T cells.
·      Multiple antigen targeting, providing enhanced tumor cell capture and killing.

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