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Nano-Puerarin Formulation for the regulation of the tumor microenvironment

Technology #19-0070

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Leaf Huang
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Champ Gupton
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Puerarin is one of several known isoflavones and it has been identified to effectively downregulate ROS production. The targeted nano-formulation delivers puerarin to tumor associated fibroblasts (TAFs) to deactivate tumor stromal microenvironment, allowing for facilitated chemotherapy and immunotherapy effect.
It has been found that tumor stromal microenvironment serves as a physical barrier for both chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Within the microenvironment, tumor associated fibroblasts are the key stromal cells mediating desmoplastic reaction. Therapies targeting TAFs have been developed, but were not efficacious on tumor killing.
University researchers have developed a nano-formulation (nanoPue) of puerarin that preferentially target TAFs. Instead of trying to kill TAFs, nanoPue actually was able to modulate the tumor stromal microenvironment, which in turn contributed to the significant improvement on the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy or immunotherapy.
·      Specific cell targeting, avoiding off-target side effect
·      Improved drug physiochemical property, allowing for better therapeutic effect