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Crosslinked Hyperbranched Poly(aryletherketone) Membranes for Gas Separation at Elevated Temperature

Technology #19-0022

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Theo Dingemans
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Chance Rainwater
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Gas separation techniques currently use energy-intensive condensation methods. While the high chemical and thermal stability of commercially available PAEKs make them promising membrane candidates, poor solubility hinders their processability and low glass transition temperatures (~150°C) limits their applicability for high temperature separations. Soluble, reactive hyperbranched poly(aryletherketone)s (HBPAEKs) have been developed that are easily processed into thin membranes that demonstrate gas separation at high temperatures over extended periods. Crosslinking of the HBPEAKs increases the glass transition temperatures (~250°C) of the resulting thin films and tunable free volume, enabling their use as gas separation membranes with performance that exceeds current state-of-the-art membranes.

·         H2/CH4, H2/N2, and H2/CO2 separation at or near the Robeson limit
·         Continuous separation of H2/N2 at 200°C for two weeks without a decrease in selectivity or permeability
·         Applicable for industrial in-line gas separation at elevated temperatures