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Lead Oxysalt Thin Layers to Improve Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency and Stability

Technology #19-0012

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Jinsong Huang
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John Rainwater
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A lead oxysalt coating has been developed that stabilizes perovskite surfaces against degradation and enhances the long-term performance of organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells. Many classes of perovskite solar cells show promise to be cheaper and more efficient than traditional silicon-based solar cells; however, perovskite solar cells suffer from various surface defects that rapidly degrade performance. Previous techniques have shown passivation of specific types of defects, but have not provided a catch-all improvement. The lead oxysalt coatings present a method to passivate a wide variety of surface defects through strong chemical bonds, and they especially prevent moisture from degrading the surface.

·       Passivation based on direct chemical bonding to film surface
·       Increased charge carrier lifetimes leading to >20% conversion efficiency
·       Devices maintained 97% of initial efficiency under extended working conditions

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