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Use of Aminobisphosphonates as Latency Reversing Agents

Technology #18-0151

Novel methods for the reversal of latency in HIV infected cells, and for the clearance of latently infected cells have been discovered. Aminobisphosphonates (N-BPs) are a class of drug currently FDA approved for the treatment of several diseases involving the loss of bone density. Our investigators have demonstrated that N-BPs can reverse latent HIV viruses in infected immune cells without harming healthy immune cells, or inducing the proliferation of infected cells. Compared to Vorinostat, the most widely investigated latency reversing agent (LRA), N-BPs are more specific and impact fewer genes. Additionally, our investigators have developed an allogeneic immunotherapeutic approach to HIV that consists of administering allogeneic N-BPs-ex vivo expanded gd T cells to HIV-infected patients to eliminate latently infected cells that have been reactivated using N-BPs.

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