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Rapid Production of Perovskite Films for Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Technology #18-0139

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Jinsong Huang
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Chance Rainwater
Commercialization Manager 919.445.9371
Patent Protection
PCT Patent Application US2019/025237

Current methods for the deposition of perovskite inks require high temperature and pressure to produce large area films for photovoltaic (PV) applications at a commercially relevant scale.  The present invention uses a novel solvent mixture in conjunction with an air knife to produce uniform perovskite films at room temperature.  The solvent mixture components are selected to facilitate fast drying of the precursor inks, while preserving the perovskite crystallization processes needed to produce high-quality films.  The air knife further promotes rapid formation of high-quality films while ensuring uniform coating of the substrate.  This production method of perovskite films at room temperature is amenable to roll-to-roll processing on various substrates for scalable fabrication of PV modules. 

·         Produces films over 100 cm2 at a coating rate > 100 mm/s
·         Generated at room temperature
·         Resulting films incorporated into high efficiency PV devices
·         Amenable to roll-to-roll processing at room temperature
·         Lower costs achievable due to high speed method

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