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Biologically Targeted Photo-Crosslinkable Nano-Patch to Prevent Postsurgical Peritoneal Adhesion

Technology #18-0101

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Andrew Wang
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Kyle Bartholomew
Commercialization Manager 919.962.5921
Patent Protection
PCT Patent Application WO 2020/163601

A biologically targeted, photo-crosslinkable nanopatch (pCNP) that prevents postsurgical adhesion has been developed. Peritoneal adhesion occurs in a majority of patients following abdominal surgery and can result in significant side effects and complications. Current strategies to minimize adhesions involve the use of nontargeted anatomical barriers that are either inefficient in protecting injured areas or lacking the adequate residence time to prevent adhesions. Using a rat parietal peritoneal excision adhesion model, our investigators have shown that the pCNP is highly effective and safe in preventing postsurgical adhesions.

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