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Composite Membrane-Coated Electrodes for Nitric Oxide Detection and Quantification

Technology #18-0073

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Mark Schoenfisch
Managed By
Chance Rainwater
Commercialization Manager 919.445.9371
Patent Protection
PCT Patent Application WO 2019/180660

An improved sensor has been developed for various analytes, including nitric oxide. Electrochemical techniques for in situ sensing currently offer the highest spatial and temporal resolution, but unmodified electrodes suffer from a lack of selectivity and performance degradation in complex biological media due to interferents and biofouling. The present technology improves the performance of the sensor electrode by coating it with a composite membrane comprised of a selectively permeable electropolymerized layer and a xerogel matrix known to prolong performance. Use of both components in one system demonstrated continuous, selective detection of nitric oxide in proteinaceous media over the course of 24 hours.

·        Improved selectivity and stability compared to unmodified or single membrane-coated electrodes
·        Continuous monitoring of NO release from cultured inflammatory cells
·        Composite membrane amenable for use on electrodes of all sizes and geometries

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