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Regioselective C–H Xanthylation as a Platform Technology for Polyolefin Functionalization

Technology #18-0040

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Frank Leibfarth
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Chance Rainwater
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Patent Protection
PCT Patent Application WO 2019/070889

The incorporation of commodity polyolefins into high performance materials is currently limited by their chemical and physical properties. The present invention is a synthetic platform for introducing a diverse range of chemical functionalities into commercial polyolefins. This post-polymerization functionalization features site-selective C–H xanthylation of the polyolefin which allows for further synthetic diversification of the polymer backbone via a single intermediate. This synthetic platform provides facile entry to functionalized polyolefins that could unlock new properties of the parent materials for their application in high-performance applications such as composites, coatings, and adhesives. 

  • Enables conversion of commodity polymers into functional materials
  • Avoids chain degradation and coupling in branched polyolefin functionalization
  • Mild, metal-free reaction conditions
  • Regioselective functionalization

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