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Classifyiers for Tumor Phenotype based on DNA Copy Number Alterations

Technology #18-0018

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Charles Perou
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Jackie Quay
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This technology is a method of using alterarions in DNA copy number to predict the phenotype of a breast cancer tumor. This is a significantly different approach to identifying tumor phenotype because it relies only on DNA-based data. This method is able to predict the estrogen receptor status, progesterone receptor status, and HER2 status of breast cancer tumors. Additionally, this method has been used to find DNA-based predictors of PAM 50 gene expression subtype and 50 novel gene expression signtures that reflect cellular growth rates. The UNC inventors of this technology strongly feel that this methodology could be readily applied to other cancers beyond breast cancer.

-Predicts complex tumor phenotypes
-Phenotype predicitons are made with DNA information only, no mRNA assays required
-Can also predict PAM 50 molecular subtype

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