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Recombinant Antigens for Differential Serological Detection of Remote Zika Infection

Technology #18-0017

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Aravinda Desilva
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Kyle Bartholomew
Commercialization Manager 919.962.5921
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PCT Patent Application WO 2019/079305

Two novel antigens have been developed for the serological diagnosis of Zika virus. Accurate diagnosis of Zika is critically important to its treatment, prevention, and further clinical research. Antibodies raised in response to other flaviviruses are often cross reactive to Zika virus, complicating serological diagnosis. These novel recombinant antigens demonstrate lower cross reactivity as compared to other flavivirus-specific antibodies in serum collected from Zika patients, making them candidates for use in a Zika-specific immunosorbent assay. Our investigators strongly feel that these antigens would be useful in a diagnostic test for pregnant women, or women who plan to become pregnant who have recently traveled to Zika endemic regions.

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