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Epitope and Antibody for Prevention of Zika and Dengue Viruses

Technology #17-0061

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Ralph Baric
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Kelly Parsons
Associate Director, Technology Commercialization 919.962.6277
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US Patent Pending US 2019/0023745

An epitope that can elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies against Zika virus (ZIKV) and dengue virus (DENZ) has been developed. ZIKV and DENV are endemic in South America and elsewhere, and can lead to fetal malformations, neurological disease and death. Complicating the efforts to develop vaccines is the fact that the generation of cross-reactive antibodies against only one serotype of DENV can increase the severity disease in dengue patients exposed to other serotypes, rather than provide protection. Our researchers have developed an epitope that is shared by ZIKV and DENZ that can elicit an antibody that provides protection against ZIKV and multiple DENV serotypes. This epitope can be used as part of a vaccine that broadly targets both ZIKV and DENV.

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