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Concepts for Deformable Heads and Faces on Human Avatars

Technology #12-0131

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Gregory Welch
Managed By
Peter Liao
Commercialization Manager 919.843.5028
Patent Protection
US Patent 9,792,715

Synthetic animatronics aims to achieve the effect of a moving/animatronic head but without the use of a computer-controlled pan/tilt unit or any similar electro-mechanical actuation.  A concept has been developed for a display surface that is appropriately shaped such that when human faces are projected on it in different locations (on the surface) it appears to nearby viewers that the head is nodding yes/no or turning left/right, for example.
•  No need to have physical actuators
•  No chance of mechanical failure
•  Quicker and easier setup
•  Flexibility in the appearance of the faces and expressions