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Secure Research Space

Technology #12-0096

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Charles Schmitt
Managed By
Peter Liao
Commercialization Manager 919.843.5028
Patent Protection
US Patent 9,984,245

The Secure Research Space (SRS) provides a technical framework for research on data shared across entities (e.g., institutions, labs, companies) collaborating together. It offers a unique blend of multiple security, IT, and data sharing technologies. SRS addresses the primary issues that currently limit data sharing and is geared toward dynamic creation and management of research collaborations. SRS integrates virtual appliances, secure workspaces, secured management and transport of data, and automated deployment and take down of resources. SRS should appeal to (1) users of data leakage protection technologies, who also need to address data sharing; (2) those who need distributed data integration, sharing, dissemination, and federation in combination with security aspects or dynamic provision of infrastructure; and (3) federal agencies that deal with research and data storage companies. See also:
•  Security around and within collaborations
•  Simple peer-to-peer data-sharing
•  Cloud infrastructure provisioning
•  Allows for standardizing security protocols and data usage agreements, greatly increasing the likelihood of collaborations

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