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Catalytic Anti-Markovnikov Addition of Organic Acids and Amines to Alkenes

Technology #12-0089

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David Nicewicz
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Chance Rainwater
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US Patent US 9365530

An organic, photoredox catalyst system has been developed that enables anti-Markovnikov addition of amines and organic acids to alkenes. As a ubiquitous chemical feedstock, alkenes are regularly converted into the fine chemicals that in turn provide medicines, materials, and agrochemicals. Addition of acids is one of the most important reactions of alkenes, but the classical Markovnikov site-selectivity of this addition limits the scope of products that can be formed. This approach has potential applications in fine chemical synthesis, allowing access to anti-Markovnikov addition products in a single synthetic step.   


•  Mild, metal-free organocatalytic method

•  Exclusive formation of anti-Markovnikov addition product

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