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Embryonic Stem Cell Enrichment and Isolation Method

Technology #11-0078

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Diana Perkins
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Matthew Howe
Commercialization Manager 919.966.3929
Patent Protection
US Patent US 9422526

An innovative method has been developed to isolate very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) from peripheral blood with greater yields than previous methods. VESLs are small, pluripotent stem cells isolated from bone marrow and peripheral blood, and these cells can be propagated for several months without losing their molecular identity. While the exact identity of these cells remains unclear, they have been shown to express a number of genes necessary for stem cell identity (including POU5F1, NANOG, SSEA1, and SOX2) and are capable of generating a diverse range of tissue cells types including bone, muscle, neural and blood cells. Despite their promise, methods to isolate and propagate VESLs have proven inefficient and difficult to reproduce. Using this technology, patient-specific disease modeling can be established for applications including high-throughput screening of potential therapeutic compounds. 
•  Yields are 5 times greater than previously published methods with 97% purity
•  In vitro propagation of VSELs allows for high throughput therapeutic screening for individualized diagnoses and treatments
•  Methods are more efficient and cost effective than previously published methods.
•  Isolation of individualized pluripotent cells using minimally invasive methods and without the need for retroviral gene expression
•  Potential therapeutic uses include disease modeling, drug development and tissue regeneration/repair