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Superhydrophobic Coatings for Anti-fouling Applications

Technology #11-0020

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Mark Schoenfisch
Managed By
Chance Rainwater
Commercialization Manager 919.445.9371
Patent Protection
US Patent 9,675,994

A superhydrophobic xerogel coating has been developed that is easily prepared and applicable to a wide variety of surfaces. Microbial fouling of biomedical devices leads to infections that may require medical interventions, increase medical costs, and sometimes result in fatality. While superhydrophobic surfaces resist adhesion of microbial fouling agents, current methods for their production are cost prohibitive and require harsh synthetic conditions. The combination of nanostructured features and low surface energy in this coating results in significant reduction of bacterial adhesion. This coating has been prepared and coated substrates showed reduction of microbial adhesion by ~2 orders of magnitude versus controls.   
•  Mild reaction and curing conditions
•  Potential applications include anti-fouling use on medical devices, marine hulls, and optical surfaces and reduction of condensation/ice
•  Coating applicable to any substrate, regardless of size/geometry

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