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Shader Lamps-Based Physical Avatars of Real & Virtual People

Technology #09-0085

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Henry Fuchs
Managed By
Peter Liao
Commercialization Manager 919.843.5028
Patent Protection
US Patent 9,538,167

These methods and systems dynamically capture appearance, shape, and posture of either real or virtual humans and then re-map the captured signals to a physical embodiment of the real/virtual human (e.g., an animatronic mannequin). The results are then projected onto the physical embodiment, which may be stationary or have moving parts, thereby animating features of the mannequin. The technology is useful in a variety of applications where it is desirable to project an image onto a mannequin, enabling telepresence, which has commercial utility for many applications, such as medicine (i.e., a remote doctor), military, entertainment, communications, and education.
•  Animation of faces or other portions of mannequins

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