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Water Oxidation Catalysts

Technology #09-0048

Ruthenium and osmium complexes have been developed for use as catalysts in electrocatalytic water oxidation. Water oxidation is driven electrochemically or by the addition of Ce(IV) in acidic aqueous solution. Modified versions of these catalysts can be bound to oxide electrodes in device configurations with retention of their reactivity and catalytic behavior for possible application in electrochemical and photo-electrochemical water oxidation. This method has been demonstrated using a Ru(II) polypyridyl carbene complex to electrochemically catalyze CO2 reduction at the cathode and water oxidation at the anode.   
•  Catalysts are based on polypyridyl complexes of Ru and exhibit robust behavior with high turnover
•  Reactivity can be tuned by varying the ligands, with rates approaching those for water oxidation in photosynthesis

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