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Alkane MetathesisCatalyst System for Fuel Production

Technology #07-0105

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Maurice Brookhart
Managed By
Jennifer Dean
Patent Protection
US Patent US 8362312

A tandem catalyst system has been developed for fuel production that converts low molecular weight Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process bi-products to longer chain alkanes for use as fuel. While the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process produces liquid hydrocarbons from carbon sources such as coal/natural gas/biomass, it often results in a mixture of low- and high-molecular weight products that are not useful for fuel. This process could also be applied to low molecular weight alkanes produced in petrochemical streams to deliver longer chain alkanes of higher value, as well as to the formation of low molecular weight products from high molecular weight reactants.


•  Tight distribution of product molecular weights

•  Selectivity for linear alkane product 

•  Potential complement to Fischer-Tropsch process

•  Potential alternative to hydocracking 

•  Fully heterogeneous dual catalyst system