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Using Programming Patterns to Create User-Interfaces of Application Objects

Technology #07-0069

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Prasun Dewan
Managed By
Peter Liao
Commercialization Manager 919.843.5028
Patent Protection
US Patent 8,752,011

A method has been developed to automatically generate rich and useful Graphical User-Interfaces (GUIs) from programming source code. This method creates a pattern-based user-interface tool, which automates certain tedious aspects of programming to conserve programmer time, as well as making it easy to share code among various implementations on different toolkits and allowing the user-interface to be incrementally customizable. This technique conserves resources in commercial, educational and research applications. And due to its language independent nature, this technology can extend a number of existing Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) or be embodied as a stand-alone application.
•  Efficient – creates less GUI source code than manual generation
•  Flexible – allows programmer customization of widget formatting
•  Adaptable – adapts to the set of methods defined by an object