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Individual Controllable X-ray Pixel Beam Array Design for Radiotherapy

Technology #05-0100

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Xiao Sha Chang
Managed By
Jennifer Dean
Patent Protection
US Patent US 8306184

This x-ray pixel beam array technology integrated with carbon nanotube micro-radiotherapy enables shaping of the radiation field electronically without moving parts. Despite its prevalence in cancer treatment, traditional x-ray radiotherapy devices can be costly and complex due to an increasing number of mechanical components. The multipixel x-ray array source has 50 individually controlled pixels allowing for improved spatial resolution and temporal resolution and real time modification of the radiation.


•  Allows for instant formation and modification of radiation treatment field

•  Provides kV x-ray irradiation with a dose rate of 1-10 Gy/min at the center of the irritated target

•  Beam size of 2 mm and temporal resolution on the millisecond scale